Foundation Inspections

foundation inspection ks

Foundation inspections provide solutions for problems like wet basements, wall cracks or foundation failure.

Structure Analysis

structure analysis ks

Structural analysis can diagnose any problems within a building and provide solutions for those problems.

Construction Plan Reviews

construction plan reviewsAn experienced structural or civil engineer can evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new construction plans.

Basement Engineering | Foundation Repair

Welcome to Basement Engineering & Structural Technologies. We are your resource in the greater Kansas City region for structural engineering consultations for foundation repair and foundation repair - structural analysisbasement waterproofing. We can help you deal with a wide variety of structural services such as:

  • Analysis of Structures
  • New Construction Plan Reviews
  • Inspection of Foundations
  • Stability, Function & Livability

If you have any structural engineering questions or you would like to set up a free consultation and estimate, please contact Basement Engineering & Structural Technologies today.

Analysis of Structures

We can evaluate your home or the investment property you are considering. Our analysis can help you with the negotiating process and give you the information you need to make the best decision.

New Construction Plan Reviews

Building code requirements are minimal. Oftentimes, these minimum standards produce basements that fail in just a few years. Builders follow the code unless you insist otherwise. We will review and enhance your plans to be sure your basement is built to stay dry, level, stable and usable for many years.

Inspection of Foundations

Permit inspectors check only a few items on and around your foundation. The items they might miss could be critical to the long-term stability of your basement. Basement Engineering provides specialized inspections to assure you get what you pay the contractors to provide.

Stability, Function & Livability

For new construction, our basement design services can give you a basement that will be stable, dry and secure for decades. And, we’ll help you design functional, livable space in your basement. Imagine a basement you can use and enjoy every day. You can increase the usable square footage and increase the value of your home without adding to the footprint or altering the above-grade design.

If you have any questions, contact Basement Engineering & Structural Technologies today. Our certified Professional Engineers are licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. They have experience in structural engineering and specialize in residential projects.

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"I have been impressed with your crew from the beginning. Since you worked on my sump pump, my basement has had no problems. I appreciate your honesty that my sump pump was the only problem."

Emma F. - Boston, MA 02116

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